Neonatal Care

What is The Neonatal Care?

Sometimes, babies are born with an illness or birth defect that needs specialized care, or they will change state before the maturity, giving them less time to develop within the womb. In that case, important organs just like the baby’s heart, stomach, lungs, or their metabolism might not be developed enough to function without special help. Although your pediatrician can solve most health problems of newborns, a Neonatologist is trained specifically to handle the foremost complex and high-risk situations.

Neonatal case is the Specialized care of the new born baby including premature and tiny babies. The arrival of newer therapeutic modalities, artificial life-support techniques and infection control mechanism has tremendously decreased mortality in new born. Magnus Hospitals one among the foremost advanced neonatal unit within the world, ushers during a new era in neonatal medicine. These advances, backed by conventional neonate management technology (incubators, computerized monitoring including vital sign, oxygen level within the Blood, Blood gas analysis etc.) would be of no use unless a talented, dedicated professional team utilizes them. The ICU team is very qualified with experience abroad and is capable of handling complicated surgical cases. It's important that each baby be managed professionally within the first month of life and specially the primary hour. Improved investigation backups even before birth (fetal echo and ultrasound of the head) well-baby clinic and parent support network have come an extended way in changing the face of future fellow up results of surgery and neonatology medical care on sick premature newborn with low birth weight

Newborn Screening

Newborn screening tests search for developmental, genetic, and metabolic disorders within the neonate . Most of those illnesses are very rare but are often treated if caught early. Metabolic disorders (also called inborn errors of metabolism) interfere with how the body uses nutrients to take care of normal metabolism. Other disorders that screening can detect, include problems with hormones or the blood. generally , these disorders can interfere with the child’s normal physical and mental development during a sort of ways. Parents may pass along the gene for a particular disorder and that they might not know that they're carriers for it. Although these conditions are considered rare and most babies are tested normal, early diagnosis and proper treatment can make the difference between healthy development and lifelong impairment.

Isolation ICU

There are certain sorts of bacteria/viruses that are spread more easily. As a result, nurses caring for patients infected with these sorts of bacteria/viruses must take extra precautions. Before entering the patient’s room, we must wash our hands and don clean gloves and a gown. At Magnus Hospital we make sure the best isolation in ICU. Anyone who has contact with the patient must adhere to those precautions.