About The Hospital

Welcome To Magnus Hospital

"Our mission is to provide modern health care facilities affordable to all" Magnus Hospital

We are overwhelmed and pleased to announce opening of Magnus Hospital one of its own kind multispecialty hospital situated in Meera Nagar Udaipur with all latest equipment’s and machines, rendering medical and health services by well qualified, compassionate, professionally trained and expertise doctors, staff and laboratory.

It's one of the top centre of excellence for general and advanced laparoscopic surgeries, for normal and high risk pregnancy, for gynec related problems, fertility enhancing surgeries, state of the art NICU and Pediatric ICU,Endoscopy and gastroenterology, urosurgery, orthopedic, physiotherapy, nutrition and diet clinic.

All kinds of invasive, non-invasive testing for genetic disorders and amniocentesis will be available. The modern infrastructure of the hospital provides you with homely environment apart from the technological excellence, beds and equipment’s. Magnus Hospital is known for its human touch, personalized and quality services. We stress upon caring gesture of our staff along with treatment skills. We have well known laparoscopic surgeons best in town as Director  Dr. Naveen Goyal and Dr. Shilpa Goyal with experience staff of more than 20 years and more than 16500 successful laparoscopic surgeries.

Dr. Naveen Goyal area of expertise include- laparoscopic hernia repair all types, appendectomy, cholecystectomy, hemorrhoidectomy, fissurectomy, fissulectomy, diagnostic endoscopy and biopsy, all GI surgeries, liposuction, bariatric surgery, all kinds of cyst removal etc. Dr Shilpa Goyal area of expertise include- total laparoscopic hysterectomy, utero vaginal prolapse, vault prolapse, ovarian cysts, fertility enhancing surgeries, hysteroscopy, endometriosis, high risk pregnancy, vaginoplasty, hormone related problems, puberty and menopausal issues etc.

We also have fully developed NICU with experienced pediatrician Dr. Manoj Agarwal for high risk pregnancy, multiple pregnancy, and preterm pregnancy his area of expertise include low birth weight & premature baby care, sepsis, surfactant therapy, babies do not cry after birth, delayed cry, jaundice in newborns, blood exchange, LED Photo therapy, Bilirubin encephalopathy, high risk follow up, vaccination, pediatric ICU, new born surgery, pediatric neutrition.

A team of experts is here 24×7 for all medical emergencies even during lockdown dedicated to serve you to even in this covid era.

Our job is not to judge, not to figure out if someone deserve something. Our job is to lift the fallen. To restore the broken and to heal the hurting.

Why us?

Salient Features of the Magnus Hospital
  • Latest and Modern Medical Technology: The hospital is well equipped with the newest and advanced medical technology to supply maximum benefit to our patients.
  • Professional Support Staff: Our nurses, technicians and other support staff are available around the clock for the service of patients.
  • Emergency Medical Services: We offer emergency services for acute medical aid to patients with any quite illnesses or injuries.
  • Dedicated & well qualified Doctors & Service Team.
  • Renders holistic health care.
  • Support of volunteers and well-wishers.
  • Safe & Sanitised Environment.
  • "No Profit - No Loss" is our main Motto