Mission,Vision & Values of Magnus Hospital


  • To provide modern health care facilities affordable to all.
  • To render compassionate service to the sick considering the necessity of the person and respecting human dignity.
  • To provide every sick newborn and individual the proper to measure by making medical care services available and affordable for all.
  • To make sure the holistic health of the people through promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care.


  • To be a dynamic, growth oriented organization where individuals synergize to satisfy the challenges and to realize excellence altogether spheres.
  • To supply quality health care to the patients, conforming to scientific and ethical standards.
  • To constantly upgrade the standard of practice and education within the hospital.
  • To be a teaching hospital of distinction, setting the very best standards in patient care, medical education, training and research.
  • To supply a perfect environment for medical education and research.
  • To provide comprehensive medical aid which is par excellence so on rebuild and strengthen the loosening trust and faith of the masses in healthcare.


  • Positive Approach: We are powered by a can-do attitude and inspired by the chance to serve. We elect to be encouraging and assured, our best comes out in the most challenging situations.